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The content on our database is meant be as close as possible to the "Complete In Box" documents you would receive on buying that game new, along with the popular relevant information that would be needed to find a given game.  Our current goal is the complete the NSTC-U Sega Genesis manual collection.

Because of this, VGComplete's database is being built from the ground up, focusing on one console and region at a time in order to aim for 100% completion of a given consoles catalog before moving onto the next.


Sega Genesis CIB Project:
Complete Letter A by 8/15
(Done 8/8!)
Implement Letter B by  8/22 (Done 8/15!)
Complete Letter B by 8/30 (Done 9/2!)

Implement Letter D by 9/30 (Done 9/22!)

Implement Letter E (Done 10/9!)
Implement Letter F (Done 11/12!)

Complete Letter C by 10/31 (Done 12/15!)

All NTSC-U Letters have been implemented. (Done 2/19/2022)

Update region data on existing games (Targeting Q1 2022)

Add missing NTSC-J & PAL Games (Targeting Q2 2022)

Resume adding manuals and documents to game pages (Targeting Q2 2022)

Site Functions:
mplement Contact (Done 8/7)

Redesign backed and frontend pages (Done 9/13)

Enable support for regions beyond NTSC-U (Done 9/13)

Mega Drive English Manual Translations (Date TBD, all currently are in progress): 

Alien Soldier (Done 8/13)
Dahna (Done 10/4)

Golden Axe III

Rent a Hero

Battle Mania 2

Yu Yu Hakusho 

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